With over twenty years of experience and broad based industry knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients fulfill their art buying goals.

We spend time getting to know our client’s aesthetic preferences, unique interests and familiarize ourselves with the specific location for the placement of artwork before formulating an acquisition strategy. Our approach is collaborative and ongoing, so we are constantly refining as we search for the perfect works. Keenly aware of the difference between price and value in the marketplace, we always seek out the best quality pieces for our clients.

We assist will all aspects of buying art, overseeing the purchasing process from start to finish, as needed.

  • Consult with clients
  • Source
  • Complete due diligence
  • Assess condition and fair market value of pieces on offer
  • Determine best venues for purchasing
  • Facilitate reduced transaction fees
  • Oversee framing, shipping and installation
  • Complete appraisals for insurance