Art must be sold for any number of reasons, whether it’s to obtain liquidity, upgrade a collection or because it’s necessary due to divorce or the need to liquidate an estate.We work with clients to minimize transaction costs and maximize the return on the sale of artwork.

  • Appraise artwork
  • Advise on pricing and market timing of sales
  • Determine best venue for resale, either domestically or internationally
  • Privately sell: We negotiate transactions directly with buyers, saving large transaction fees associated with selling at auctions or though galleries
  • Expedite sales

If you have artwork you’d like to sell, send an email to and we will respond promptly.

Please include:

  • Images of the work (including front and back)
  • Dimensions
  • Provenance: Any information regarding the history of the work, including where and when it was acquired.
  • Any other information you have associated with the work.