Terri Kahan Fine Art offers a wide variety of services to meet individual client needs:

Buying Art
We draw on years of experience and long-term relationships to help our clients. Whether the goal is purchasing a single piece of art or building an entire collection, we guide clients through the art market, assisting them in purchasing artwork in any medium and source from galleries, dealers, publishers, collectors, auction houses and directly from artist studios.

Selling Art
Whether selling a single piece of art or looking to liquidate an entire collection, we act as agents for our clients, helping them minimize associated costs and maximize returns. We assess the current market value of the artwork, provide advice on market timing for sales and utilize our network of galleries, dealers, collectors, auction houses and institutions to find the best venue and for resale either domestically or internationally.

Corporate Art Services
Art has become and integral component of many brands. As such, we work developers, designers and architects to select the ideal artwork for projects. We oversee the process from start to finish, including the selection, presentation, purchase, framing, shipping, installation, lighting, labeling, and placement of artwork.

Auction Representation
Whether looking to buy or sell at auction, we act as your agent. We assess the value and the price, physically inspect the artwork, negotiate with the auction houses and bid on your behalf.

Trust and Estate Services
We work with trust and estate attorneys, financial planners and executors, providing an objective opinion value. We can facilitate the sale of artwork directly to buyers, saving clients large transaction fees charged by the auction houses and the galleries, maximizing the value of the art and minimizing transaction costs.

Fine Art Appraisals for Commercial, Insurance and Charitable Donation
We provide certified appraisals for insurance, financial planning, estate tax and charitable donations. All appraisals are performed in accordance with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice for Personal Property Appraisers) and meet IRS standards.

Collection Management
We professionally catalogue collections with the leading art collection management software and update insurance values as required. We also oversee shipping, framing, installation and conservation activities.

Expert Witness
We offer testimony on insurance claims, valuation, theft, damage and loss and other art related issues.

Securing Loans
We assist clients in selecting the most appropriate lender for their individual needs and oversee the process of securing loans.